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Appointment Etiquette

It is truly an honor to be a part of people’s lives as they move from pain to purpose. It becomes my purpose. That’s why I take sessions so seriously. When working with clients, not only are the topics at hand serious, but the progress and forward movement can change your life. To work with me, I need your full attention and commitment. I call this the Client Manifesto. You’re ready to begin when all these things align.

Can You Really Share Everything In An Hour?

There are some who live the charmed life. But for others, life has been hard. Sometimes, you’ve been dealt bad cards. Awful stories, tragic stories… of wrongs and ills done to you that you NEVER deserved. Awful pain, awful memories. Loved ones lost. Tragic events and circumstances that have crumbled your world. Overwhelming, exhausting stress. Bad habits that seem impossible to break. Faith broken. Heart broken. Feeling bruised and wounded. Living life around and around circles that never seem to go anywhere. These are difficult conversations… but here’s what happens if you work with me. You open up and share about your life, in an hour, and beyond.

Getting Your Best Outcome–Why I Do Not Take Insurance

I’ve been a psychotherapist for 9+ years now and I so enjoy working with clients. However, the difficulty of insurance is ever-present. Here’s a little information on why I do not take insurance and what I offer instead.

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