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Why Joy? 

Hi. I’m Dr. Aprile Andelle, and I am here in support of YOU.

I’m a licensed therapist and solution-focused mental health coach dedicated to helping BIPOC women and men, and YOU, to master *long-term* mental health with tools, courses, masterclasses, and my soon-to-open Joy community.

- Dr. Aprile Andelle

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It's going to be amazing!

I’ve been doing mental health listening, healing, and coaching for awhile now, over 10+ years and 10,000 hours in fact. And with every client, I am more and more convinced. The top trait and skillset to transforming your mental distress, hurt, and pain, is Joy.  There are other necessary skillsets as well, but the top one is seeking and practicing your Joy… EVERY DAY

But how do you start, stay accountable, develop consistency, and then practice every day with intentionality



In supporting  your *long-lasting* positive mental health,
I’m going to show you exactly how to develop your Joy mastery.


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