Wonderful And Positive Energy

Aprile was absolutely amazing. She has such a wonderful and positive energy. I already have so much more of a positive outlook. She really tunes into you as an individual and customizes her approach based on what you need, and she’s asks the right questions that make you think and actually often come to the right conclusions on your own which puts your problems into a perspective. I will genuinely miss speaking to her on a regular basis but that just shows how great she was.

F.R., Jan 2018

Aprile Always Knows The Right Thing To Help

Aprile always knows the right thing to help. And I've learned so much about structuring my own self care with her. I've been through so much in the last year, since February. And with Aprile's help, I knew I could no longer keep putting myself last. Now, I have my morning routine, my mind is more clear of priorities, and I make decisions not from stress, but from observing potential blessings and opportunities. Thank you Aprile! Can't wait for whatever you've got coming next.

E.T., Nov 2017

She Truly Listens

I have a LOT of stuff on my list that I want to better in myself and my life. Aprile has been amazing; she's well rounded, kind and caring. She truly listens. I feel like she cares and won't stop until I feel better and resolved. I recommend her. I am so grateful.

A.M., Dec 2017



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