How to Deal With All The Negative Feels From The News




Indeed, 2020 seems to be an endless cycle of bad news. We are constantly being bombarded with negativity on social media, news channels, articles, and even news bites from our friends and family. While it is important to stay informed on what is going on around us, it can also be detrimental to our mental health to be constantly reading or watching negative news.

What types of feelings do you feel after being sucked down a rabbit hole of negativity? Anxious, overwhelmed, helpless, powerless, depressed? All of the above? If this resonates with you, it is time to take a break from the news. Being tuned in 24/7 is not necessary or helpful. Here are some tips on how to deal with anxiety and other feelings from the news in 2020:

Here Are Some Tips To Take A Break From The News:

  1. Set some limits. I recommend limiting yourself to 45 minutes of the news per day. Use a timer to make sure you are staying on track. If you need further discipline, set timers on your computer and phone so you can no longer access certain apps or websites after your 45 mins. is up. 
  2. Get quality news. Read a newspaper or another quality source. Many people tend to get news from social media, which isn’t always the most accurate. Stay curious and do your research. 
  3. When there is breaking news, catch up later. How often have you been glued to your TV when something big happens? Do you notice how the true story actually changes very rapidly? Catch up later when the facts are straightened out. 
  4. Unplug before bed. I highly doubt you’ll get a good night’s sleep if you are reading up on all the devastating events of the world before you shut your eyes. Give yourself a break well before you plan to go to sleep. In addition, try not to check social media or the news right when you wake up. 
  5. Step away from the conversation. While it can be important to have difficult conversations, if you aren’t in the right mindset to talk about news events, just excuse yourself from the conversation. You are in control of what is put in your mind and where your energy goes. 
  6. Take breaks from social media. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, it is okay to take a break. The break can be as short or as long as you desire. 
  7. Look for ways to help. You can’t take on the world’s problems, but it may make you feel slightly more in control if you can help your community or someone around you. Try not to worry too much about things that are out of your control. If you are spiraling with worry, please talk to a therapist.

You Are Not Alone.

Remember that you’re not alone. 2020 is a rough time for everyone. It is what you do to help yourself that matters.

What news platforms in particular bother you the most? Share with me below!


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