Therapy with me changes lives + loves

I have nearly 9+ years and over 10,000 hours of experience working with hundreds of clients from my local community of South Florida as well as all around the world.

My clients have been young and old. They have been couples and families. They have been locals, expats, and from other countries. More often they are individual women and men just working really hard to better their lives.

They are the most amazing, wonderful, and hard working clients I could ever ask for. I am quite honored how they reached out and opened up to share their lives with me.

Together, we’ve made magic together.

Here is what just a few of them had to say.



She really helps.

Aprile is an excellent counselor that really helps me out with my issues.

– Anxiety, Dating, Relationship

Male, 20s



I did not think that therapy worked for me until I started working with Aprile. She is incredibly compassionate and caring, but will also help you hold yourself accountable. I have made so much progress since I began talking with her!

– Depression, Relationship, Breakup
Female, 20s


Guides me.

April[e] has put things in a new perspective and has guided me to a new positive way of thinking to help promote a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Depression, Trauma, Relationship
Female, 30s


Very attentive and aware.

Aprile is a very attentive and aware counselor. When she knows that something might affect you, she takes that into consideration in working with you, whether its to encourage positive outcomes or to help avert potential negative effects. I appreciate her detail-oriented approach a lot!

– Anxiety, Relationship, Family Relationships, Life Fulfillment
Female, 30s


A natural therapist.

Very professional, present, intuitive, great questions and advice.
Aprile has been great help and support.

– Depression, Anxiety, Family Relationships
Female, 20s


Loved It!

Aprile has been amazing! I have tried counselling before and I hated it. I get so excited for our weekly calls and it’s nice to have someone to talk to when I am in need, instead of waiting for my next session.

She is an amazing listener and really encourages me to grow and become better. She is always using positive reinforcement to help encourage me to keep going.

– Anxiety, Entrepreneur Mental Health, Relationship, Female 20s





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