Pronounced: [ay•pril] [an•dell]


I’m here in support of YOU.

Hi. 👋🏽 I’m Dr. Aprile Andelle. I’m a licensed therapist with over 9 years and 10,000+ hours of experience in therapy. I’m also a solution-focused mental health coach dedicated to helping BIPOC women and men, and YOU, to master *long-lasting* positive mental health with my tools, masterclasses, and soon-to-open Joy. community.

I practice, consult, and train with an amazing community of highly skilled therapists and mental health clinicians on various platforms including BetterHelp, Mental Health Match, Ayana Therapy, Teladoc, and more.

I host a podcast called ‘Do I Need Therapy?‘ available on Apple and Google Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher. It’s about our community talking about mental health, love, and relationships openly, loudly, and proudly.

Plus, I write a bi-weekly newsletter. This is where you are the VIP and I’ll share with you meaningful messages on mental health, love, and relationship via videos, tips and tricks as well as announcements and invitations to new masterclasses and special events. On the list, you’ll get access to all my best information and updates first, including behind-the-scenes guest moments of the podcast, my musings and happenings of operating in this crazy, uncertain world, and more. Available only through email. Sign up here: 

I Believe…


In following peace, hope, love, and joy


We are all creators...of the lives we want to live


We are stronger than we think


We are made of star stuff!


“I’m an actual, real life therapist. And I love what I do.”

When I started out doing therapy years ago, I was a cookie-cutter therapist. I offered therapy “normal” and “traditional” like everyone else. However, I grew along with my clients, who have been brave and courageous enough to open up and share their lives with me.

Plus, let’s leverage technology to work for our mental health and wellness too, right? 

The way I connect with my clients is sleek and modern… online sessions available via video and phone, VIP Days for the brave and courageous, couples, family, and friend sessions welcome, technology adapted offerings, wellness and lifeline checkups, and mindfulness and meditation exercises. Plus, tears AND laughter welcome.

If your goals are to overcome and rise above your trauma, depression, anxiety, stress or burnout, I can help with meaningful online therapy. I invite you to work with me for a Therapy Season. More on my Therapy page here.


“I may be classic, but I’m not exactly traditional. I may seem ordinary, but I’m extraordinary. I may be in the crowd, but I’m a rebel.”

  • I’m Caribbean 🇯🇲 , but my name is Italian.
  • I used to live in Spain. 🇪🇸
  • I love traveling the world and going on adventures. The more off-the-beaten path, the better.
  • I love tea so much (white and green), I swear it’s one of my love languages.
  • My favorite cities include: Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Negril, New York City, Miami, Cartagena, Tulum, Amsterdam, Madrid, Lyon, Florence, Verona, Nassau
  • I love city walking everywhere I go. In South Florida, I map all the neighborhoods… by frozen yogurt shops, of course.
  • Some of my bucket list items include: See the Aurora Borealis, Have A Night Under the Stars, Hike in New Zealand, Visit All 50 U.S. States, Walk Under a Wisteria Flower Path in Japan, Travel the World With My Love 🌍❤️
  • I love morning walks.
  • I do yoga. I’m often the one in the back hanging on for dear life… but I am there!
  • I have a HUGE family. Over 30 first cousins. And I am definitely the quirky one.
  • Yes, I am grown (lol). I know I have a babyface and a soft voice–but I am well into my 30’s. And I’ve been a mental health expert for 9+ years, over 10,000 hours of therapy, seeing hundreds of clients to their goals.
  • Also, I’m an old soul.





I also host the Do I Need Therapy™? Podcast Show. It’s about our community talking about mental health and wellness, love and relationships, and all the nitty gritty of therapy and the therapy process. And we talk about it all openly, loudly, and proudly.

Available on Apple and Google Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher.





That’s my handle everywhere on the “interwebs”. But you can find me hanging out most on my Instagram. That’s where I share my every day, and all the latest.