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…is an amazing, modern and customized, online therapy and online counseling monthly support service with myself.

As an online therapist, I meet with you, within your busy schedule, *wherever you are in the world, to discus what is most important to you. We really get to work with why you came to see me – the core of your concerns and what matters most to you.

It includes up to three sessions a month via video, phone, or chat with lifeline messaging. No traffic, no fuss. Just connect with me confidentially online.

How It Works:


What You Get:

Meaningful Therapy is amazing online, monthly therapy and support. It includes up to three hour-long therapy sessions a month via video, phone, or chat – most clients schedule weekly.

Plus, you get two 15-minute lifeline calls with me for urgent or crisis situations that you can utilize any day throughout the month whenever life throws a curveball or a really bad day at you. 

Each session is directly with me and is dedicated to your mental health and wellness, where you are in your current situations, concerns as well as potential solutions, and what you hope to accomplish for the week and/or month.

What about the fourth week?

Our fourth week together is essentially an Implementation Week, we will connect via messaging while you practice all the tools and techniques we have worked on throughout the month. Implementation greatly encourages your focus and commitment to enacting long-term change for yourself, of your own accord. 


Plus, in Meaningful Therapy, I commit to your positive changes and accomplishments initiated by our sessions by maintaining momentum with you through various options you can take advantage of throughout the month: 

  1. *Customized* Lifeline Support: Lifeline Support is a series of customized follow-ups and check-ins with me. You can engage any of these methods by message or phone. Whatever works best for you!
  2. Partner/Family/Friend Integrations and Sessions: At any point, let’s involve the people that matter most to you. We’ll create ideas and strategies on how family and friends can help you in your journey. Also,  you “own” your sessions, and can have as many individual or joint sessions as you’d like. Loved ones are always welcome to join as supports to your process.
  3. Assessments: Great for learning where you are and tracking how far you’ve come. I’ve got lots of helpful tests and quizzes so we can scale your progress as we go.
  4. Electronic and Mobile Scheduling: We live in the 21st century! Why not conduct therapy our work together modernly and as such too? So, the tech savvy are extra welcome here. You will be able to schedule all of our sessions together from the convenience of your phone or mobile device. Easy, peasy.
  5. Mindfulness Exercises, Body Scans, Wellness Checks: It is vital that during our time together, we have exercises and practices that allow you to check in to your mind and body. Plus, we can do mindfulness breaks, grounding exercises, and guided meditations as practices that keep you focused on the good stuff such as positivity, creativity, inspiration, motivation, and solutions.
  6. Writing Support: Stay tuned to my newsletters and blog articles for lots of support throughout your journey.

 This special, customized package is offered with a minimum commitment of 4 months. In this time of working on your “core” concerns, you have me for 16 full weeks of personalized, live, and direct support. Every four months brings a re-evaluation with review of next steps.

Meaningful Therapy: Monthly Support
You are ready to begin our core work together, committing to make an investment for the next several weeks and see the results.

– (12) Customized 1-Hour Sessions
via video, phone, or chat
– (8) Customized 15-Minute *Lifelines*
via phone, chat, or messaging
– Electronic and Mobile Scheduling
– Partner/Family/Friend Sessions
– Mindfulness Exercises and Wellness Checks
– Personalized Assessments
– Writing Support



USD/per month

(charged monthly)


*Note: For qualified clients in Florida and abroad. Please note Meaningful Therapy commences a therapeutic relationship.

In the US, but not in Florida? I will be licensed and available in your state soon. Meantime, I offer a consultation to find you local resources and develop a Mental Health Self Care Plan – click here to book your Discovery Session instead.

Have more questions before you book your first core month for Meaningful Therapy? Not a problem. If you have several questions and concerns and would prefer a full one-on-one, consultation, click here to book your Discovery Session instead. If you are ready to go, but just have minor questions, feel free to Contact Me by clicking here.


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