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Pamper & Relaxation

Claim Your Spot In My First Ever
Mental Health Professional (MHP)
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I know you are an amazing mental health professional (MHP), and you put your heart into your business and showing up professionally for yourself and your clients.

 And whether you’re a private practice clinician, working within an agency or organization, or working in the school system or otherwise, this retreat is for you.

Whether You Are A:






Get true “pause” moments of peace for self awareness and reflection.

 Truly rest and recover from the demands of 2020 life.

Get grounded again with your body and what it needs.

Feel refreshed and relaxed with clarity of mind.

"I want to recreate the amazing retreat I just returned from... but I WANT TO DO IT for us!"

I’m so excited friends!!

 So you already know me. I’m Dr. Aprile Andelle, LMFT, professionally. But, just Aprile to my friends and colleagues.

And if you know me, you know I’ve been talking about doing business trainings and a retreat for therapists for YEARS.

Well, I just got back from the Bahamas where I attended the “Next Level You” Women In Business Retreat with Quanisha Green of Black Woman CEO. The entire retreat was a secluded (COVID safe) gathering of 6 women from across the country solely to work on their “business joy”. And I was inspired. To do my own. And she encouraged me. “You know this will bring you great joy. Now’s the time”.

And here we are…



I’ll be doing a 4 day, 3 night pampering and relaxation retreat for ONLY 6-8 MHP women in my home locale of South Florida. 

We’ll take part in the fun, creative, and luxury scenes and activities of the cities… all COVID safe.

So when is it?!

JANUARY 28-31, 2021


Thursday to Sunday

Where is it?

South Florida

So… This is my first ever retreat! I’m quite excited. And since I’m working on action over perfection where everything is in place (my new manifesto…long story I’ll share at the retreat), I shared it before it was perfect and complete. But rest assured, I got YOU.

I am working on this right now! And it’s coming together. I know South Florida well, so I know exactly where to look for the right location and experience for us.

 Currently, I am looking at high end locales that will provide luxury, security, and space for us to rest, relax, and have room to take a breather from the world to talk, commune, pamper ourselves, just focus inward, and just take time for ourselves to rest and regroup.

But to help, here are a few spots I’m looking at, plus some pics of the retreat I attended so you can see what I am working to recreate:

What You Get:

  • 1-2 Luxury Experiences
  • Private Chef
  • Morning Walks
  • Daily Yoga and Exercise
  • “Pause” moments
  • Professional Photo Shoot! (for head, brand, or product launch shots)
  • And a Private Group Excursion! (COVID-safe)


  • My Signature “Plan Your Money Map” for 2021 Workshop
  • One (1) Mastermind Session focused on you and your business
  • 90-Day Action Plan complete by weekend’s end


I don’t know about you, but this is definitely me. If  you’re craving human connection, we will be communing (COVID safely) together and supporting each other. So, not only will you get these things, but you’ll get it live and in-person with other like-minded, AH-mazing woman. Because I wouldn’t put this group together with anything less…

I can feel the warm fuzzies already.

I feel like every time my women friends and business besties get together, we leave knowing we can rule the world. And that is the feeling you will get here. I assure you, you will leave feeling nothing less… plus rested and renewed!

We’ll do it together


Settle In & Relax
Connection Exchange
Evening Yoga
Social Support Circle



Morning Walk + Yoga
Business Pre-Check
Plan Your Money Map Workshop
Mastermind Circle
Luxury Treat


Morning Walk + Yoga
Luxury Treat
Makeup Session
Photo Shoot
Social Support Circle
COVID Safe Group Excursion


Morning Yoga + Walk
Check Ins
Goal Planning
Visualization & Guided Meditation

How much is it?

It IS an investment… 
In you. AND in your professional self.

Retreats are significant. They are time away from the rest of life. And in mine, you’ll also get business training to get you started right for your 2021!
So it will be relaxation, plus work and play.

Here’s the 411… Most retreats similar to what I’m offering are $5000 and higher. The one I just returned from cost $5500.

Since this is my first retreat, I offer to curate this for you for half that! In South Florida!

Retreat Price: $2500

Are you ready to commit?

 Full price registrants get 1-on-1 Brainstorming and Q&A session with me + Pre-Retreat Action Plan  on anything business related for you, plus a resulted Action Plan prior to the retreat. This is different from the 90-Day Action Plan because this is where we can discuss getting ready to take the best advantage from the retreat weekend, and especially the PYMP Workshop and Mastermind Session.

Plus, don’t forget, if you pay for this prior to end of business 2020, you can use it for your taxes.

Are you ready to commit but concerned for the cost?

If that’s you, then now until the end of the week, Sunday, December 6th, we’re going to pretend like it’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday all over again! So, take off $400 and , through taking advantage of  with the help of a payment plan.

So, $2500:

Pay the deposit today of $500 
Then $1000 by December 28th,
Then the final $1000 by our retreat start week. 







OPTION 2: PAYMENT PLAN by Sunday, December 6th

Are you ready to commit but concerned for the cost?

If that’s you, then now until the end of the week, Sunday, December 6th, we’re going to pretend like it’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday all over again!

Plus, it’s me. I understand this is an investment. Payment plan is available until Sunday, December 6th. Let’s make it happen.


Pay the deposit today of $500 
Then $1000 by December 28th,
Then the final $1000 by our retreat start week.

Join me, Dr. Aprile Andelle,  

along with other like-minded people inside our monthly mental health masterclass and let’s help you become more in control of your mental health, and put you more on track to living a life of joy, freedom, and abundance.

Only 12 Attendees

Constantly thrown off balance by 2020?

Battling loneliness or feeling by yourself?

Desperate to find a way out of that downward spiral?

Suffering from chronic worry, emotional ups and downs?

Do you want to get your life in order and start making better, healthier choices?

Learn the key facets of:

  • Positive Psychology
  • Emotional Resiliency
  • Emotional Independence
  • Stress and Anxiety Management

And how to be consistent in those things despite the chaos and uncertainty of today.

Imagine the Possibility

Why the Masterclass works:

Each masterclass is limited to 12 attendees to create a community of like-minded people who you can learn, grow, and share openly together, guided by me personally.

There is no better place for you to be than our monthly mental health masterclass.

Start Your Journey with the Monthly Mental Health Masterclass Today.

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Only 12 Attendees