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I work with you in your journey from pain to purpose, and from overwhelm to balance. My clients, my work and my passions are extraordinary. When you’re ready for extraordinary change and progress, for re-connecting to your extraordinary hopes, dreams and miracles for your future, I work with you every step of the way.

Working with me supports you to:

• Rise above your trauma

• Transform your anxiety

• Overcome your grief

• Conquer chronic pain

• Beat bad habits

• Heal your relationships

• Breakthrough stress and burnout

and more…



What is trauma?

(It is likely not what you think)

The word “trauma” usually brings to mind major, life-threatening or horrific experiences such as surviving a war or being victim of a crime, likely why you might not even identify with the word. This is simply not always the case.

“Trauma” and one’s experience of trauma is much broader. Psychologically, trauma is simply a mind in suffering. Our bodies show symptoms of trauma in physical pangs and pains, plus shaking, sweating whenever recalling the experience. Our lives are often limited by unrecognized symptoms of post-traumatic stress.

For example, you could have experienced a trauma where you were left feeling confused, manipulated, betrayed, or humiliated. Or you faced (or are facing) a major stressor or life situation that feels unbearable and you lacked or currently don’t have the support to fully recover.

A clue to if you experienced trauma is remembering and having bad feelings about the experience, person, place, or thing. That usually means your mind has not healed yet.

I help you, unbiased and without judgment, work through your pain alongside compassionate solution-focused conversation. It is something that takes times, and each person is different in their own trauma process. So whether it is an immediate trauma, or it has been years, I work with you at any stage you are in.


Grief is unique to you and your experience.

You may be experiencing grief from a loss that hurt you deeply. In fact, it may have even changed your whole life.

Grief happens for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, to grieve for someone–the physical death and loss of a loved one or someone close in your life. It hurts and is a painful experience to go through. You may be experiencing anger or guilt towards their death. Or you may be peaceful and just miss them terribly.

You can even experience grief as a result of a lost job, divorce or end of a relationship, physical injury, chronic illness, or the loss of a beloved pet.

Theorists describe two main styles of grief experienced by those who have lost someone or something:

Intuitive grieving: The grieving person focuses mostly on the emotional experience of loss that leads them to think about mortality, explore the relationship that was lost, and share their feelings more.

Instrumental grieving: The griever’s focus is more on thinking or doing, such as problem-solving, internalizing, or staying busy physically, rather than expressing emotions from the loss.

How do you know you’re struggling with grief?

You may begin to isolate yourself from family and friends. You may experience anger, confusion, denial, or you may feel unable to grieve openly because you must remain strong for others around you.

Support is important when you are in grief. Through grief counseling, I help you, unbiased and without judgment, work through your pain alongside compassionate solution-focused conversation. It is something that takes times, and each person is different in their own grieving process. So whether it is an immediate loss, or it has been years, I work with you at any grieving stage you are in.


When is anxiety a problem?

Anxiety is meant to be a natural survival mechanism for our bodies to protect themselves. Everyone will experience anxiety in some form or another occasionally, but it becomes a real problem when the feelings are recurring and begin to impair and limit your life, or you feel helpless in controlling it. Some common symptoms of anxiety include:

  • overwhelming, obsessive worried thoughts
  • unfocused feelings of dread or worry
  • panic unrelated to actual stressful events
  • problems concentrating
  • feeling frustrated, irritable, or restless
  • difficulty breathing, trembling, or racing heartbeat
  • other physical symptoms like feeling lightheaded, digestive issues, insomnia, and headaches

I use solution-focused approaches to help those with anxiety focus on their desired outcomes and working towards positive ways of reaching those goals. We will use your strengths as part of bringing about solutions to your anxiety.


The difficulties of depression 

Depression often feels like living beneath a dark shadow or cloud, or like life has no color or feeling. Depression can prevent you from living the life you want. And it often affects not just you, but those around you who love and are concerned for you.

The good news is that depression is completely treatable. And top research proves that good, ongoing talk therapy is the number treatment for feeling better from depression. I provide you support for depression through ongoing assessments, solution-focused therapy, mindfulness exercises. I also support you work alongside your doctor when choosing and adjusting to medication. The key is focusing on one thing at a time and working towards positive change. Recovering from depression takes time and watchfulness. And seeking help from a professional is okay.

Some of the areas we cover together include:

  • Handling Life Problems & Challenges
  • Improving Relationships
  • Setting Healthy Work and Life Boundaries
  • Building Support & Resources
  • Developing a “Stay Health and Clear Minded” Plan
Work With Me

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I greatly enjoy in person therapy. We get to meet live and talk directly. We can meet at my office, or with concierge services, we can meet at a confidential location of your choosing.

For homebound, busy professionals, VIPS, internationals and expats, I am also an online therapist and coach, and I meet with you wherever you are in the world.

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I was at such a low point… in my mind, I was screaming for help. But since my doctor recommended me to Aprile, everything has completely turned around. I’m stronger in my mind and heart, my relationship with my husband is more connected than ever, and I feel I have a future again. With Aprile, in conjunction with doing a lot of pain management therapy, my pain has gone from a 10 to a 5/6. I have mental strength enough to see beyond my pain. Plus I just interviewed and got a new job, and it’s going incredibly well. None of this would have happened without her. My whole life has shifted.

PR – chronic pain, trauma, depression


Ever since I’ve been talking with Aprile my mind has been working on overtime on feeling better, stronger and healthier. I’m getting my story out which is really hard. Probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. But more so, I’m becoming the man I want to be. I sleep better now too. Old triggers don’t bother me as much. I have more control over my life. Thank you Aprile, for your caring, and how kind you have been in our work together.

RR – trauma, PTSD, anxiety, depression


I’m so grateful to be working with Aprile. She sees over the trees to the forest, you know? She has pointed out so many things that I never would have thought of or even considered… and she steers me along in the direction of positivity and strength, which is very hard for me because I am easily distracted. Overall, since working with her, so much has changed. I feel now like I have a future. It was always there, but after working with Aprile, now I can see it.

SM – anxiety, depression, diabetes

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