Concierge Services
Customized & Convenient
I come to you





How It Works

Sometimes it’s more convenient to have someone directly available to you. If your work, lifestyle, or status do not allow you to seek out traditional therapy or coaching services, concierge therapy or concierge coaching is for you. No waiting, no travel, no fuss.

With my concierge therapy and concierge coaching services, I provide in-home, on-call, online and mobile therapy according to however (or wherever) your life is operating at the time, and also according to what you feel works best for you.

Everything is conducted for your personal, confidential and customized experience.

Ideal For:

• Busy Professionals
• Busy Homemakers
• Homebound Individuals
• Executives
• VIPs / Celebrities

Concierge Services

Concierge Therapy Services
per Therapy Hour

+ plus travel and any lodging and expenses

* 2-hour minimum

* Daily rates are available

*Out of the South Florida area and international travel are selected on an individual basis.

I like to make concierge services highly customized to your needs. This is why I always begin concierge services with a Clarity Call. To arrange, start first by scheduling your Clarity Call.

Full day intensives are available upon request.