3 Ways to Use Music for Anxiety


Music is amazing for mental health. It has the ability to soothe and de-stress. Everyone has their own taste in music, of course, but most people will agree it has a therapeutic effect on them. And that effect can influence both our bodies and our minds. Especially if the music is slower and calming. For this reason, music can also be really helpful for those who struggle with anxiety. Here are three ways music is beneficial for anxiety:

#1 Music Helps You Calm Down

Music can alter our physiologic functions, lowering blood pressure, decreasing stress hormones, and slowing down heart rate. Those who suffer from anxiety can find music helpful in working through and getting rid of anxious thoughts. We can develop habits around anxious thoughts that makes it hard to pull ourselves out of a downward spiral. But music can help trigger a part of our brain that lets us feel that it’s okay to relax and calm down. And that encourages us to focus on new, more positive thoughts.

#2 Music Gives You Something Else to Focus On

Music can be a great, temporary distraction from everyday life. It might help you work through certain emotions while focusing the mind and encouraging it not to wander to your worries. Even if you enjoy faster music (that might not otherwise be described as “soothing”), you can use music as a way to release tension by singing or dancing along. Or maybe you prefer upbeat music while you workout — which becomes a win-win for stress and anxiety relief! Music can be enjoyed with others too. Do some karaoke with a group of friends for some laughter and connection.

#3 Music Acts as a Meditation

Calming music can be used with meditation, or even as its own form of meditation. Certain songs can help your mind slow down and promote a relaxation response in the body. The best type of music for this can vary depending on the person, but often a familiar and structured melody is most comforting. So, do you have enough music in your life? Perhaps hook up your iPod or phone in your car so you can listen to music as your drive through traffic (no doubt, a time when you feel frustrated or anxious), play music while you take a bath or shower (you can sing too), or put in some earbuds while you walk your dog. You might even consider switching out your morning alarm for a song you love. Most smartphones will allow you to do this. Start the day off with a smile and in a better mood! Music lets you explore your playful side and focus on what’s enjoyable to your ears! You might just find it helpful in reducing some of those anxious thoughts and giving you a lovely outlet. After all, music is inexpensive, symptom-free, and always available.


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