How to Use Nature as Meditation




Meditation and other mind-body techniques are powerful ways to help you live more mindfully and appreciatively.

And did you know that being out in nature can act as a form of meditation? Yep, just taking a moment to feel and appreciate the beauty of the world around us is a powerful way to feel connected and grounded.

It’s far too easy today to overlook the natural world around us. We work in offices lit by artificial light. We often walk from one place to another without really thinking about the journey in between. We use electronic devices that don’t ever require the need to look out the window. (Not that I’m saying technology is bad — it has its uses for wellness [link to tech app article] too.)

So, when we use being outside as a meditative practice, we begin to see nature as alive and beautiful… and a part of us.

Being in nature is its own powerful form of therapy, really.

Meditating in Nature

Give yourself more time in nature. Let the outdoors help you engage each of your senses, creating a feeling of openness and relaxation. This form of meditation teaches you to be more present and appreciative of the beauty in the world around you.

Try it yourself. Find a place near your home with a nice area for walking or just observing the world. Here are some things you can do:

  • Notice the trees blowing in the breeze, and feel it on your face. Notice the temperature of the air.
  • Listen to the birds singing.
  • Watch bugs crawling slowly and patiently.
  • Notice the different natural colors of any trees, flowers, grasses, and rocks.
  • If it’s safe, take off your shoes and feel the ground beneath your feet.
  • Notice any smells from the nature around you.
  • Touch the trunk of a tree and feel its roughness, or a flower or grass, and feel its smoothness.
  • Reach down and feel the textures of the ground. Remind yourself of the powerful structure of the Earth.
  • Give yourself time to observe the entire surrounding with your eyes, not trying to focus on a specific thing but letting whatever you see come to you.
  • Take a deep breath, inhaling and exhaling completely. Continue this for several breaths.
  • Be aware that there are all types of birds, other animals, and insects around you that are part of your experience. They remain hidden, but they are aware of your presence.
  • Be fully in this present moment and the nature around you.
  • Notice how this might have the potential to change things within your body, your mind, and your perception of life!

Will you try this? You might be surprised just how much of a difference it can make. Nature is as much a part of us as we are of it. Getting back in touch with it can go a long way in grounding, relaxing, and inspiring yourself.


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