6 Ways to Nurture Your Loving Relationships




The relationships we have with those around us — with our spouses, our children, other family members, our best friends, or our co-workers — are a huge part of what shapes us. And the important ones are worth taking time to nurture and make a priority in your life.

Maintaining good relationships can help keep us connected, grow trust and respect, and improve our productivity. It can also take a lot of hard work. So here are some ways you can continually pour love into the important relationships in your life.

#1 Practice Being Grateful

Thinking positively takes work, but it’s worth it, even in relationships. Practice being grateful for the people in your life. Focus on those who matter most to you and remind yourself why each day. Make those people important in your mind, and let them know they’re important to you.

#2 Make Time for Those You Love

I know, we all struggle to make enough time for ourselves, let alone everything we want to do each day. But it doesn’t have to be a huge portion of your day — maybe even just 15-30 minutes. Maybe you need to break up that time throughout the day. Even just a little time will let those important to you know they’re a priority.

#3 Do More Than What’s Expected

It’s true that actions speak louder than words. Doing more than is expected of you will mean a lot to a person. So give more than they expect. Even something small like a compliment, a reminder that you care about them, or a text or phone call to check in can mean the world. A dear friend of mine always surprises me with little greeting cards–it’s so sweet. Focus on what you can give in the relationship more than what you’re getting out of it. A true friend or loved one will be willing to give back as well.

#4 Meet Them Where They Are

No one is perfect, so don’t wait for perfection to love someone where they are. Work on appreciating those you care about as they are now, even if they have things to work on. I know it’s hard–but look past it, and focus on the good.

#5 Use Conflict as a Learning Opportunity

Conflict happens. Each of us is unique and have our own opinions, so it’s part of life to have disagreements. The key is in how we handle them. If a problem arises between you and someone else, focus on the problem itself first — not the person. You’ll have far more luck resolving the conflict by using it as an opportunity to learn more about how that person thinks.

#6 Communicate Honestly

When a relationship is important to both people, they respect each other’s opinions. That’s why it’s important to communicate how we feel honestly. Practice saying things when they need to be said, as well as listening intently when someone needs to be heard.

The quality of the important relationships you have can correlate closely with the quality of your life. We’re social beings, so those close to us make a big impact.

Just remember that a healthy relationship requires effort from both sides. Focus on those people who are willing to love, support, and uplift you too.


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