Can You Really Share Everything In An Hour?


*Updated January 2021 – The mentioned services are no longer available. But you can always explore current options to work with me on the Therapy page here.

I’m human, so I definitely get it.

There are some who live the charmed life. But for others, life has been hard. Sometimes, you’ve been dealt bad cards. Awful stories, tragic stories… of wrongs and ills done to you that you NEVER deserved. Awful pain, awful memories. Loved ones lost. Tragic events and circumstances that have crumbled your world. Overwhelming, exhausting stress. Bad habits that seem impossible to break. Faith broken. Heart broken. Feeling bruised and wounded. Living life around and around circles that never seem to go anywhere.

These difficult conversations… about pain, stress, anxiety, trauma and grief. This is what I do best. This is my expertise.

When I started out doing therapy years ago, I definitely had a more “stiff, mental health professional/professional therapist” vibe. However, as time went on, and I’ve grown along with my clients who have been brave and courageous enough to open up and share their lives with me, I began to ask myself ‘why can’t receiving therapy be personal, enjoyable and something to look forward to?” Like looking forward to someone who gets you. Or like telling your story for someone to hear the only experience that belongs to you and you alone.

What happens if just opening up and talking to the right professional who GETS YOU could change your perspective, change the way you think and could ultimately open the door to the healing you’ve longed for, and possibly change your life?

(think about it…)

Time to be brave and courageous now. If you’re ready to do something different in your life.


My name is Aprile. I love mental clarity and wellness and how amazing the human mind, brain, and body work. Dessert is my favorite part of the meal, hands down any day, and I do hot yoga, but often I’m the one in the back hanging on for dear life… but I’m there!


I’m not your average, traditional therapist. Average and traditional are two words that never fit my personality or my style of work. I don’t even look like the typical therapist. In my years of TAG work, I’ve found that those traditional, 50-hour minute sessions once a week simply do NOT work for real meaningful, impactful change in my TAG work with clients. So I tossed them, and said, “good riddance!”

I’m going to do something better for you.

TAG work is different from all the rest. It’s earth-shattering and soul altering. YOU DESERVE the proper time and attention to do this personal work. And that’s what I provide. Typically, professionals treat clients in 1-hour, weekly sessions, for what can be years. I have found it much more effective and solution-focused to work with clients in longer, more in-depth sessions, but over a shorter period of time. I call these Power Sessions. A Power Session with me usually lasts from 2-3 hours a day, with the most committed session timelines lasting over the course of just a few weeks. My clients have found that these longer sessions yield bigger breakthroughs.

But you have to be ready to invest in yourself… time, money, and energy. It’s a commitment to your self-care.

For this reason, I only work with a select few (10) clients per month. The ones that really want to work. The ones who have been in self-reflection and they know that they are ready for change… the ones who show up, on time if not early, the ones who commit to 2-3 hours per session as personally needed, and as they can afford.

Also, this will not be a one-time shot you get therapy and then are lost back into the sea of life. I am a lifeline therapist that will follow through with you for as long as you allow. This will be an ongoing relationship where you will not have to feel alone in your struggles. Then, when life changes and shifts for you, you already have me as a resource. 

Interested? Work with me anytime. I’m just a Clarity Call away.


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