Getting Your Best Outcome–Why I Do Not Take Insurance




*Updated January 2020. Some services listed are no longer available. Current options to work with me are available here

I’ve been a psychotherapist for 9+ years now and I so enjoy working with clients. However, the difficulty of insurance is ever-present.

Why I Do Not Take Insurance

#1. In order for an insurance company to consider your claim, a therapist must first give you an individual diagnosis. (If the coverage is for couple or family counseling, at least one person involved must be diagnosed.) Often times, therapy for trauma experiences, normal grieving, couples’ relationship problems, parent/child troubles, or “just having a hard time” are not even covered by insurance. Then, the therapy practices for your goals and progress must be regimented by that diagnosis. Life is just not quite that simple. Oftentimes, conversations, reflective of your life, are a mix of several different concerns and are best not dictated by a single diagnosis.

#2. Normally, your therapist’s notes are legally protected documents. However, if you claim therapy sessions on insurance, that insurance company may access your therapist’s private notes on your counseling sessions. This means anything you have shared in private with your therapist may be viewed by your insurance company.

#3. Insurance companies often highly regulate the length, time, and amount of the sessions when they are claimed on insurance. My experience working with clients is that this, in particular, can be disruptive—and even adverse—to treatment and recovery, especially as I offer special, extended sessions for trauma, anxiety, depression, etc that my clients find yield more breakthroughs.

#4. Furthermore, many do not realize that when your therapist diagnoses you, that diagnosis is permanently on your medical record and could adversely affect you in the future if any employer or insurance company (health or life) requires disclosure of your medical records.

For all the above-stated measures, I do not accept insurance. I operate to give you the best service possible, with as little hassle and disruption to your life as possible, by simply charging you for service and providing a receipt.** It makes the therapeutic process begin, continue, and end much more smoothly—I promise.

Reduced Fee

The worst thing I hear is when someone says finances hinder them from seeking therapy, counseling, or coaching. To help, I am working hard to one day soon offer a small number of scholarship appointment slots available for clients with financial constraints–coming soon.

**Insurance claims sometimes are some client’s only option, I offer appointment receipts (known as superbills) that you can submit to your insurance company for partial reimbursement, according to your coverage. Interested in exploring this option? I’m happy to answer any questions, provide suggestions, and offer recommendations. Book a Discovery Call with me today.


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